Fall Tradition: Apple Picking

The weather this weekend could not have been any better.  It was just perfect to be able to spend a few hours in the apple orchard.

We headed up to Saint Joseph Du Lac, where there a plenty of places to go and pick apples.  Of course, we could not avoid the famous Montreal road works!

DSCF0132 Stitch_3281x1615

It never ceases to amaze me the different types of people you get to witness at apple picking.  However, the one type of person that gives me a chuckle, is the posh ladies that show up.


It’s very amusing seeing these ladies show up, as if they were going out on a Saturday night to Crescent St.  I just shake my head.  Being a country boy myself, coming to this type of setting just brings me back home.



The one thing that i did not like about this location though, was the noise.  For some reason, the owners thought it was a great idea to blast music throughout the grounds – except in the orchard itself, thank God.  They even had a live band, playing “Cuban” music.  What’s the relation between “Cuban” music and apple orchards?



Aside from picking a whole bag of apples, we also bought some cider and some carbonated apple juice.  I could have bought so much more, for everything was so tempting.



Now it’s time to make apple pie, apple crumble, apple turn-over, apple sauce….. you get the idea.




If you have never been to do this activity in the fall, you really need to go and try it out.  It’s great fun and not expensive at all.



Below is the live band who played “Cuban” music.  I could not believe my ears, but one woman asked if they were actually Cuban!!  Oh brother!



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