A Day Out With The D80

The D80 was a great camera.  The only issue i had with it, was the fact that it overexposed on a bright, sunny day.  Therefore, you had to dial in a bit of negative compensation.  If i were to suggest a good, budget DSLR for first time buyers/students, i would suggest the D80.



These photos were taken back in April of this year, just as the last remnants of snow were melting.  The lens i used, was the Tamron 70-300 USD VC.  It’s a great lens and is equal in every way to the Nikon equivalent.  The VC is wonderful, but it takes some getting used to.  The AF & VC, when working together, have a very “mechanical sound” to them.  Nikon certainly wins in this respect, with it’s quiet operation.



The D80 itself, is a pro-sumer model and brings you into the world of “pro” like body design.  It has far more manual controls than a D3XXX or D5XXX; therefore, it really enables you to concentrate on your photo taking, rather then menu searching.




Of course, compared to today’s cameras, the D80 is not going to break any land speed records.  Even when the shutter speed is at 1/1000, it sounds slow!




Anyhow, no matter what camera you have, there is nothing like capturing these beautiful aircraft lifting off the ground and soaring off into the wild blue yonder.





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