X-Pro1: Manual Focus Assistance


In the last couple of days, I have been learning how to use the manual focus features on the X-Pro1.

As i had discussed in my blog post, “Canon FD Lenses”, you are able to use many brands of lenses on X mount cameras.  You just need to get the right adapter for them.  However, you will have to manually focus them and that is where the manual focus assistance features of the X-Pro1 come in.

There is focus peaking, which I have not really tried yet, but I have read that it works quite well.  You then have focus checking where you can actually magnify the scene to verify that you have sharp focus.  Here is how it works (it is also discussed in the manual):

-If you have a none Fuji lens on, you need to make sure you go into the menu and choose, “shoot without lens”.  Make sure this feature is turned on.  If you are using a Fuji lens, you don’t have to worry about this.

-Next, turn your focus selector on the front of the camera to “M”.

-From here, you can either use the OVF or the EVF, it’s your choice.

-Once you have your subject framed, find the Command Dial (it’s the dial right above the play back button) on the back of your camera.

-Press the Command Dial in.  Yes, that’s right, press it as if it is a button.

-Once you press it, you will notice your scene will be magnified and a lot easier to focus on in order to get a sharp photo.

-One thing to remember: when you do this while using the OVF, the OVF will change over to the EVF to give you the magnified image.  Once you press the Command Dial again, or the shutter button, the camera will change back to the OVF.

There you have it, a great function thought up by the folks over at Fuji to make your life that much easier.  I love it!


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