PTWS (Photo Taking Withdrawal Syndrome).  It’s not a newly discovered disease, but one that has not been studied much and is therefore, highly misunderstood.

The disease presents itself when a photographer (amateur & professional alike) is unable to get out into the field and take photos.

It’s not a pretty site.  It relegates the photographer to staring out the window, thinking, “Only if…”.  He catches himself staring at his camera bag, eager to sling it over his shoulder and go out.  But it is not to be.  He watches a slew of YouTube videos about cameras, lenses, techniques, etc.  He reads his manual, again.  It all turns into a vicious cycle and gets to the final stage of PTWS: camera fondling.

This is rock bottom for the patient.  He holds his camera, looking at it from all different angles, closely inspecting it’s craftsmanship.  He appreciates all the lines and the cold, metal feel of the body.  He is like Gollum while caressing his camera.  “My precious” he exclaims.

He all of a sudden springs up and puts the camera around his neck and once again, walks over to the window to stare outside.  Maybe, just maybe, if the camera is around his neck, a photo opportunity may come into view.  But no, it is the same scene he was staring at before.

He breaks out in a sweat, runs from window to window, trying to find any photo opportunity!  But alas, he realizes that for any real photo opportunity, he would have to take a trip to a more photo opportunity rich area.

He goes and puts his camera away and then sits down on the couch, disappointed & depressed.

That was my weekend, absolutely eventless.  No photos worth posting or talking about.  No treks throughout the city.  Nothing.  One good thing came out of it though: my foot feels a whole bunch better and I am looking forward to this coming weekend.


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