Thumb Rests


When I had my D7100, there was a vertical “strip” of space on the back of the camera where your thumb would land when gripping the camera.  This space was void of any buttons or dials, obviously so your thumb would not accidentally push or turn something.  Good design.

Getting into the world of Fuji X cameras, I found that there are all sorts of little accessories that you can get for your camera, at a price mind you.

The thumb rest:

Honestly, I have never tried one.  I have read all sorts about this accessory and they seem to be very popular among X users, as well as Leica users.  Though, I am highly skeptical about the need for one.


This is the first reason why I say to myself, “Do people really need this?”.  These little pieces of metal/brass/aluminium, whatever they may be made of, are insanely, way out in left field, stupidly priced!

Lensmate thumb rests are somewhat reasonable, going for $50-60.  However, the Thumbs Up brand will cost you well over $100.  For such a small piece of metal, brass or otherwise, that is a hefty price to pay in order for you to put your thumb somewhere.


I can’t say if they are effective, since I have never tried one.  I suppose if you are looking for an expensive place to rest your thumb; then yes, they are effective.  Some people state that it makes their camera more secure in their hand.  Perhaps.  But since we use our whole hand to grip the camera, how can having this piece of metal make it that more secure?

Damage to your camera:

There are stories out there on the interweb, of people stating that the thumb rest has damaged the hot-shoe on their camera.  The damage is caused by the torque that is applied to the thumb rest when you press on it with your thumb.  The result is a broken/bent/lose hot shoe.

The only thing that should go into the tripod socket of your camera, is a tripod!  Same goes for the hot-shoe on your camera.  The only thing that should go into that hot-shoe, is a flash!

The hot-shoe of your camera was designed to accommodate a flash unit.  It was not meant to have constant horizontal force applied to it.

Whoever came up with the idea of the thumb rest, did have a good idea.  However, in my mind, it was an idea that was not necessarily solving a huge, wide spread problem of where to put your thumb.

I can only guess that it was made popular by some Leica users and just because Leica owners used them, Fuji users have followed suit only because the whole “look” of the X camera is very similar to that of Leica.  As it stands now, it is one of those accessories that has become a “you-have-to-get-it-because-it-looks-cool” accessory, even if it really does not serve much of a purpose.

If you want to go and spend $60+ on a piece of metal, you are more than welcome to do so.  It just may help you grip your camera better, I don’t know.  It certainly won’t make you a better photographer, but it will look “cool” on your camera.

When you think of buying any accessory, think first.  Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” and “Will this really help me in anyway?”.  I think in this case – at least for me – the answer to both those questions would be NO.

Thanks for looking.

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