XP1: Magnification Feature Of The HMVF


Fuji has a great resource online to enable people to learn about their new camera in a more visual and informative way.  Instead of you only reading your manual (you really should read it), you can watch The Fuji Guys who know the camera a bit more intimately and will show you around a bit.


Honestly, I have not read the manual for my XP1 from front to back.  Why?  Because, aside from the OVF, both the X-E1 & the XP1 are technically the same.  When I first got my hands on the XP1, I immediately took it out of the box, attached the lens, put the battery & memory card in, set it up and started shooting.  It was that easy because everything was laid out the same as it was on my X-E1.

I’m a visual person, so watching any sort of instructional video is ideal for me.  Last night, I thought I would check out the videos that the Fuji Guys had on the XP1 and I came across the video of them talking about the magnifying feature of the HMVF.

The acronym HMVF stands for Hybrid Multi ViewFinder.  This is in reference to the viewfinder on the XP1 as a whole.  It is “hybrid” because you can switch from an OVF to an EVF.  It is “multi” because it can do multiple things.  For more info, you can check this link out:


Here is the video from FujiGuys:


The one slight reference to this function, can be found on Page 20 of the user manual.  Here is what is written:

Keep the selector pressed up to choose the optical viewfinder display zoom ratio.”

Not exactly an in-depth explanation of why you would do this and what benefits it has.

I suppose you can just do what they state and see what happens. Or, you can watch the Fuji Guys demonstrate it for you and give you a good explanation of the feature at the same time.

I tried it out on my XP1 last night and it is kind of neat.  With the 35mm lens on, I was able to zoom my scene “out”.  The frame lines still give you the same scene, but you are getting more of the surrounding scene show up in your viewfinder.  This can help if the frame lines are to close to the edge of the viewfinder and you are wanting to see the framed scene a little clearer.

It’s a helpful feature for sure, but one that Fuji needs to explain a little further in the manual they provide for the XP1.


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