Fuji XP1: First Impressions


You know that old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”?  When you walk down the street and you see some guy wearing scruffy clothes, you immediately make a judgement about him.  You probably think that he is jobless, a bum, down and out, etc.  Though, he could have a heftier bank account than you and drive a Ferrari.  You just never know these days.

When i first took hold of my XP1 and the 35mm lens, they both came in their own piano black boxes, with the minimalist lettering denoting what each box contained.  Open these boxes up and you are in for a world of, “this is how a high end camera should be packaged”.  This would be one instance where you see sophistication on the outside and get sophistication on the inside as well.

First the XP1: when i opened the main box, i was presented with two, flat, rectangular boxes.  One had something moving around inside it when i tipped it on it’s side, so i knew that was not the box with the camera inside.  Therefore, i went straight for the other box.

The box with the XP1 inside is not some crummy brown, corrugated box.  This box is a piece of art in itself and is something you will not want to throw away.  When you open the box, the only item inside is the XP1.  Take the XP1 out and you will notice that Fuji has taken it’s time to make a perfect, sophisticated, foam insert, that has an exact cut out for the XP1 body.  Again, you will not want to throw this box out.



On to the second rectangular box.  This box contains all the accessories for the XP1: charger, battery, cables, neck strap, lug rings for the strap and software CD.  The box itself is not as sophisticated as the one for the camera, but still worth keeping.

I then move onto the lens.  The 35mm lens is packaged very much like the camera itself.  You get the same kind of box with foam insert and cut outs for the lens and the lens hood.  Definitely a keeper for me.  Along with the box, there is another piece of cardboard shaped into a rectangular “envelope” kind of spacer.  Inside this spacer, you will find the instruction manual for the lens, along with other documentation.




What is my first impression of the XP1?  Well, it is what i expected it to be: very solid feeling, has heft/bulk and is very well made.  Seeing as i owned an X-E1 before hand, there was not anything surprising. The buttons and dials are pretty much in the same place and they both posses the same “retro” styling of the rangefinder cameras of yesteryear.

What are some of the main, noticeable differences: the OVF kind of sticks out like a sore thumb when you compare it with the X-E1.  It’s like a bay-window on a tiny shack in the woods.  The second noticeable difference is the feel of the body.  It’s an all magnesium alloy body, as opposed to the X-E1s body that only has the top and front of the camera made of magnesium alloy (please refer to this site and go down to design:  http://fujifilm-x.com/x-e1/en/faq/).  The last real noticeable difference is the lack of a built in flash.





How does it perform: So far, i have only taken about 50 images with it – my post about the Cruise Ship Regatta features the first photos i took with the XP1.  In all honesty, it does not really perform much differently than the X-E1.  I do prefer using the OVF over the EVF.  I suppose this is due to the fact that i used Nikon DSLRs for so long.  Other than that, the photo quality is going to be the same since both cameras posses the same guts.

One thing i will say is, i much prefer handling the XP1 over the X-E1, simply because of the XP1s bulk and weight advantage.  All in all, it is a beautifully engineered camera that i look forward to using for many years to come.


8 thoughts on “Fuji XP1: First Impressions

    1. You don’t necessarily have to get a dslr to learn photography. There are so many other types of cameras out there that can serve you just as well. If you need advice, you can ask. Take care.


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