Fuji NP-50 Battery For The X10


So the third and final piece of my order came in the other day: the NP-50 battery for my X10.  It came just in time, for the battery that came with the camera (it was a used unit) seems to have given up the ghost!

Looking at the battery itself, you would think that it is an original.  However, I am quite certain it is not – hey, I paid less than the cost of a new one.  When I look at the box it came in, the number 50 is printed in a different font than the 50 on the OEM Fuji box!  Not only that, but the instruction booklet that came with it seems to have been printed on a cheap printer.  And finally, throughout the instruction booklet, it talks about the NP-40 battery.

The box on the right is the fake.
Instruction booklet mentioning the NP40 battery.

Ironically enough, the day I bought my XP1, I bought an original Fuji NP-50 from my local store.  He sold it to me at cost because I had bought the X10 from him.  Anyhow, this was another way to really see if the one I ordered on Amazon was real/original.

Aside from the obvious gaffs on the box and enclosed instruction booklet, the battery itself has different wording and the pictograms are in different places.  At this point, it is very apparent to me that the battery is not an original Fuji battery.

Anyhow, my camera has not blown up yet and I have not seen any major complaints about the battery on Amazon.  I have not fully charged it yet, but it works just fine in my X10.

Thanks for looking.

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