What To Do When You Super Glue!


Anyone out there with an X series camera knows that you can add a soft-release button to your camera.  Every X camera from the X10 up, can accommodate a soft-release.  I don’t think I have seen an X camera without one.

When I first started to use my X10, I really felt that I needed more “area” to the button itself.  So, I purchased a soft-release and at the same time, I bought one for my X-E1.

As you all know, you can not screw these things on tight enough without damaging the camera.  What to do?  Well, super glue it of course!!!  Well, at least that was my solution, lol.  Other people put Teflon tape (I tried that, did not work to well) and others apply other sorts of glue that don’t necessarily require a hammer to break the bond!

Though, if you ever want to sell your camera or trade it in for another camera, not everyone will want your soft-release button, especially if it is a red ladybug…. yes, I did say a red ladybug.  Got a problem with that?

How on earth do you take off a soft-release button that has been super glued to your camera??  Good question!  Well, you can try to dissolve the glue with nail polish remover, which contains acetone.  However, I HIGHLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO DO THIS.  The acetone can discolor the rubber grip and if you put to much on, it could go inside your camera.

No no, the best way to release that soft-release button from the bonds of your camera, is heat.

Since we are dealing with two metal parts (don’t you love Fuji?), the glue that is bonding them together will obviously just melt if heat is applied and voila, you have separation.

The paint job on my soft release button is bullet proof!  I have no idea how they applied the paint, but it is not coming off without an angle-grinder.  That being said, I suggest for ANY soft-release button, that you fold a bit of tin foil over the button itself.  This way, you don’t scratch up the metal or the paint.

In my mind, the best heat source you can use for this operation, is from a soldering gun/iron.  So, off to my tool shop I went to get my soldering gun.  Once heated up, I made sure I cleaned the tip of any residual solder – you don’t want hot solder to drip on your camera!

One further precaution I took, was to take a piece of paper towel and put a little hole in it and then put the soft-release through that hole.  This way, the area around your button is protected against any left over solder that you may have missed before hand.

Final step: apply the soldering gun/iron tip to the button.  Heat it up for maybe 10 seconds, check to see if there is any give.  If not, apply it for a few more seconds.  I think 20 seconds would be the maximum amount of time.  Take some paper towel and twist it off and there you go!

You will not do your camera any harm by doing this.  You are only heating up the soft-release button.  This is what melts the glue.

Lesson learnt:  Super glue will surely keep your soft-release button on your camera, no doubt about that!  You can’t even take it off with your bare hands.  Though, before resorting to super glue, try other methods, such as Teflon tape.

If everything else fails, super glue will do the job.  You only need the smallest globule of super glue to secure it, any more and you risk getting it on your camera.  Using the smallest amount will also make it easier to take off with the above method.


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