3rd Party Lens Hood & Adapter For X10

When I ordered this lens hood & adapter on Amazon, i had no idea when i would get it.  It came all the way from Hong Kong (I remember those flights) by regular post, so i had no tracking info for it.  Surprise, surprise, it showed up in the mail today.


Keep in mind that i only paid $9.49 for this lens hood and adapter.  Compare that to the $69.95 for the original Fuji one at my local store.  There is one by JJC for $38.99 on Amazon, but i can’t see it being any better then the one I just received.


Both parts are made from fairly decent metal.  There is no real flex in the lens hood walls.  When you buy anything like this, the one thing that may be a bit off is the thread.  Not the case here.  Both parts screw together as smooth as silk and there is no problem in mating the two threads together.  I am very pleased with this.

On the side of the hood, you will notice lettering denoting the model number of the lens hood/adapter: LH-X10.  But there is no Fuji logo on the hood.


Just like the original Fuji hood and the hood for the X100, there are vents in the adapter itself.  People complain about this, especially when they use filters.  They also complain that dirt/dust gets in behind the filter.  Well, simple solution folks (no, not super glue), use some black electric tape to cover the vents!

Anyhow, for $9.49, i am very pleased with this product and highly recommend it to anyone who owns an X10/X20.

Thanks for looking.

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