X Duck

I shot primarily with my X10 today, until the battery died.  I really wanted to get used to the exposure of the X10.  It does seem to overexpose a bit, but so did my Nikon D80 – had to dial in -0.7 ex comp on bright days.  Even my D7100 had a not-so-perfect meter.



We found this duck just sitting around, so i decided to take some photos of him/her.  The duck did not seem to mind people at all.  I was able to get a few feet away from him/her.  Though, if you go to close, he/she got up and waddled a bit further away.



Once again, the X10 does not disappoint.  I’m blown away at what a 2/3″ sensor can produce and the lens has no equal.


Who dares wins.

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