Fuji X10 Two Piece Leather Case, Part II

All I can say about UPS is that they SUCK!!  Yes, i did get my package with my camera case.  However, it was left at the front door!!  They don’t half piss me off!  They have left $500 watches on my door step before, so this is pretty trivial compared to that.  They seemed to have forgotten that the whole point of their service is that you get your package in your hands, not left at your bloody doorstep!!  Trust me, they will be hearing from me and it won’t be a pleasant call.

Anyhow, rant over.  Here is my review of the case:

Below is the case in it’s packaging.  This is how it came in the box from Amazon.  As you can see, product shots aren’t my thing.


Bar code on the outside of the plastic bag.  No indication of where the case is made, but i would assume it was made in China.


Once outside of the plastic bag, you will find a “velvet” bag, which contains the actual case.


A bag within a bag, within a bag!


Once taken out of the last bag, here is the case and a cleaning cloth.


Inside the case, you will find the neck strap.



Here it is in two pieces.


First impressions:

Case seems to be well made.  Top and bottom of the case seem to have a hard piece of plastic underneath the leather, i suppose to give some rigidness to the case and to protect the top and bottom of the camera.

Is it real leather?:

Well, hard to tell.  It feels like leather and it has that leather “smell”, but i am still a bit suspicious.  Despite that, the material seems to be durable and i guess i will just have to see how it wears.


Overall, the case fits the X10 quite well.  Though, there are two caveats.  1) The AF switch is partially covered, making it a bit difficult to switch.  Mind you, i have it on AF-S most of the times anyhow.  2) As other people have said, the bottom half of the case does not align well with the camera strap lugs on the camera itself.  It does fit, but it’s not perfect.  No big deal really.


For $30, i am very happy.  As i said before, i will just have to see how it wears.  I would recommend this case to anyone else who is not willing to part ways with $80-$100 of their hard earned money and who are looking for a well made, decent case.

Thanks for looking


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