Fuji X10 Two-Piece Leather Case, Part 1


I thought I would start this a bit prematurely, I guess because I am a little excited, lol.  I feel like a little kid getting a new toy!

UPS is going to deliver my case for the X10 today.  However, because of schedule conflicts, my wife may not be home when they try to deliver it.  Therefore, I may have to wait until Thursday.  But, they do usually deliver around 4pm and my wife should be home by that time.  So, chances are very good that it will be waiting for me when I get home.

As I said in my blog post titled, “My Little Honda Civic”, I will be doing a review of each item I ordered, starting with the case.  I am starting with the case because the other items I ordered show no indication of being here anytime in the next week.

I had a crazy thought and that was to do an “unboxing video”.  I actually like watching those types of videos because I love opening new boxes myself.  Though, I don’t think I am “video making” material.  I think I will just stick with some still photos and be done with it.

Obviously, what I want to show the folks out there, is how this product is packaged, how it looks and whether or not it fits well on my X10.  From this, I hope to enable people to make an educated decision of whether or not they should buy this product themselves.

So, here’s hoping the UPS guy delivers everyone else’s packages first, in order to give my wife time to get back home (before you say anything, there are items in the package for her as well).

5 and a half hours to go.  Tick, tick, tick…..


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