Happy Anniversary To Me


My anniversary was actually back on September the 11th, but it is such a weird day to celebrate a milestone.  However, it will be hard to forget my anniversary since it is associated to such a day.

Anyhow, what anniversary am I speaking about you ask?  Well, it has been 2 years that I have been sober. Yippee!

Some people may ask why I am announcing this for everyone to see.  Understood.  But understand this:  it is something I am very proud of and something that I have worked hard at accomplishing.  I say, if you are proud of an accomplishment and hard work, show it off to the world.  I have no reason to be ashamed.

In the last two years, I have enjoyed life so much more.  More importantly, I feel that I have been “there” for my family, especially for my daughter who is growing up and needs a dad.

Aside from certain people and groups of people, photography has actually helped me in keeping sober these past two years.

I want to thank first and foremost my wife, who has been there by my side, supporting me and never giving up on me.  I want to thank my daughter for being so loving towards me.  I also want to thank my friend Jaan.  He has been there to help me along the way whenever I needed to talk to someone.  I thank God as well, for giving me the strength and courage to go this far.

I am very grateful for being sober today and I am grateful for having found such a wonderful past-time, photography.


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To Me

  1. angel_by_ur_side

    Congratulations for your 2 yrs sobriety! Thank you that you’ve listened to me and I am sincerely grateful for mentioning me
    in your blog, Experiencing of losing a loved one due to alcohol is enough and it is very painful and I do not want to happen again! I will keep on praying for your bravery and courage and may your guardian Angels guide you and lead you in the right directions. You’ve done a great job, God bless you and keep on! WE LOVE YOU…

    p.s. next time add it onto our special calendar


  2. Congratulations! It is a big deal, and you have every right to be proud of this accomplishment. I pray that you may continue to move forward on this personal journey of yours. Cheers!


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