My Little Honda Civic

Jean Drapeau, Mayor of Montreal 1954-1957 & 1960-1986.
Jean Drapeau, Mayor of Montreal 1954-1957 & 1960-1986.

I’m not referring to a car, I am talking about my X10.  I call it a Honda Civic because of the fact that you can modify it so much.  The same goes for all the other X cameras.  There are so many accessories & hop-ups that you can buy for these cameras, that they really are like Honda Civics.

Here is a list of things that you can buy to “mod” your X camera:

– full leather case

– half leather case

– soft release button

– thumb rest

– spirit levels

– L brackets

– grips (permanent and detachable)

– neck straps

– wrist straps

– various other types of straps

– lens hoods (for the fixed lenses of the X10 and X100)

– external flash (even the little X10 has a hotshoe!)

– lens adapters (for the interchangeable lens cameras)

– wide-angle adapter (for the X100)

I think that is about it.  I call them mods, but in all cases, you are not really “modifying” your camera to the point that it can not be un-done.  However, you can certainly make your camera look somewhat unique and stand out amongst the other X cameras out there.

So far, for my little X10, I have only purchased a soft-release button.  I have been looking at other accessories, mainly to protect the camera and lens.

The first accessory I looked at, was the lens hood.  It is two pieces of metal.  One piece attaches to the lens and then you attach the actual hood to the piece that is on the lens.  What does Fuji want for these two pieces of metal?  $60 on Amazon!

They are out of their tiny little minds!

Sorry Fuji, but I am not that silly.  I found a 3rd party hood/adapter for $9.49 and it has good reviews.  It is coming all the way from Hong Kong, but no shipping charges.

Nice thing about the lens hood/adapter for the X10, is that it can take on 52mm filters.  I have a decent set of filters from Polaroid that I have been wanting to use.

The second item that I have been wanting, is a second battery.  When I bought my X10, they tried to sell me a second battery for $50 and it was not even an original Fuji battery.

Back onto Amazon and I found an NP50 battery for $26 with shipping included.  Nice thing is, all the reviews of the battery verify that it is indeed an OEM battery.  This is coming from New York.

The third and final accessory that I wanted to get for my X10, was a nice leather case.  I have the half leather case for my X-E1 and I love it.  Not only does it add more grip to the camera (the grip becomes bigger), but it also protects the camera where it will be in contact with anything the most.

On Amazon, the Fuji case for the X10 is $83.83.  Again, I am not wanting to pay that much if there is a good 3rd party option.  So I searched on Amazon and found a black case for $32.99.  This case comes in two parts: a top part and a bottom part.  The top part attaches to the bottom part via some snap buttons.  Therefore, I can use the bottom half of the case like I do my half-case for the X-E1.

By what I have read in the reviews, there is no mention of this case being fake leather or poorly made.  I have also looked it up and found a lot of pictures of it on the net and by what I can see, it is quite well made.  Not sure where it is shipping from.

In order to make a comparison, here are some numbers.  If I were to buy all OEM accessories from Fuji, I would have paid at least $193.83.  Shopping around a bit, reading reviews and doing some research, I ended up paying only $68.48.  I have saved $125.35!

As soon as I take possession of  these accessories, I will do some short reviews of them.  For now, I am just waiting….. ugh!

Thanks for looking.

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