Walking Around City Hall

It was one of those “walk around aimlessly” afternoons today.  Photos taken with the X-E1 with the picture setting at Astia/Soft.



After a hitting-up a few camera shops to see if they had any Canon FD lenses (Simons did, but they wanted double than what i could get them for at B&H), we wondered around the City Hall area.



There was a few weddings being photographed around the area as well, so lots of clicking going on, lol.


Below is where i had my two ladies jump up and down to catch them in the air.  Set my shutter speed to 1/1000 and froze both of them in the air as they jumped up.  DSLR?  Who needs it!



It was a nice, slow walk and it made a change from past weekends where we were rushing about.



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