The Fuji Guys

Sometimes, I am just not on my toes.  I missed a great opportunity to make this blog post a lot better.

While waiting for my two ladies to finish up in a store, i spotted these two beautiful Harley Davidsons parked out front.


Both photos were taken with the X10.


I took some photos of both motorbikes and then continued to wait for my two ladies.  Only a minute or so later, two rather large guys come walking up to the bikes and it was not hard to tell they were the owners.

As they start getting ready to ride off, one of them pulls out a camera and takes a picture of his buddy.  Of course, i am only standing about 4 feet from all of this with my X10 hanging around my neck and guess who they set their eyes on to take a picture of the both of them.  Yes, me.

“Hey, Chief! You mind taking a picture of both of us?” one of them says.

“Sure” I replied.

He hands me over his camera and it’s a Fuji!!  It was one of those sport, EXR, point and shoot Fujis.  I have only played around with the EXR mode on my X10 and it’s convenient, if you are brain dead.  It was particularly annoying on this camera, for it kept changing from “Portrait” to other modes in a matter of seconds.  I felt like i was playing whack-a-mole, where i had to press the shutter button just as “Portrait” popped up for a second.

Needless to say, the first shot was crap.  After i took the photo, the camera showed the face of one of the guys in the face detection square and it was soft.

“Wait, wait, i got to take it over again” i said.

“Oh, it did not come out?” one of them asked.

“No, go back over to where you were standing before” i said.

So they did and I nailed it the second time.  They said thanks and have a good day.

So, what was the opportunity that i missed?  It would have been kind of cool if i had my wife, who was standing there and watching all of this, take a photo of me with the two guys holding up our Fuji cameras!!  Oh well.


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