Wide Angle With The 18-55

Yesterday, I took the opportunity to take some wide angle shots in the Old Port with the 18-55mm.  I must say, after owning a 10-24mm, I really do miss having an ultra-wide lens.


Fuji is going to be coming out with their 10-24mm in the next few months, but I am not looking forward to see the price.  I am sure it is going to be a little engineering marvel like all their other XF lenses, but I can’t see it being any less than $800.  I could be wrong about the price; but whatever it may be, it is not going to get me to rush out and buy one.


The 18-55 has a field of view of 76.5 degrees at 18mm.  My old 10-24 for my Nikon had a FOV of 109 degrees at 10mm!  That is a bit more than 16 degrees extra on both sides of your frame.  Fuji does have a 14mm that has a FOV of 90 degrees, but I don’t see it as being worth it seeing as they are coming out with the 10-24.


There are alternatives though, as there always is.  Samyang, a Korean lens company, will be coming out with a 12mm F2 lens solely for mirror-less cameras and Fuji X will be one of the mounts.  If it ends up being as good as their 8mm fisheye lens, it will be a winner for sure.  Even though the lens will be completely manual, it will certainly be less than half the price of the Fuji 10-24.


I have thought a lot of the 8mm fisheye.  It has a FOV of 180 degrees!  Now that is crazy.  It will also give you some crazy distortion.  However, if you use it in a certain way, the distortion can be minimized, but it will still be there.  I am still debating on whether to pull the trigger on it (it would be great for the church interiors), but i think i will wait to see what the 12mm will be all about.


I still feel that the Fujinon lenses are slightly over-priced.  Despite them being little marvels of engineering, I am not sure they are worth ever penny that they are being sold for.  I do realize that I have bought into the system, but as with my Nikon days, I can not necessarily justify spending “Fuji” money on extra lenses, especially when there are perfectly good alternatives available.



For now, it will be a waiting game to see what the Samyang 12mm brings to the party.  The 8mm is still on my mind and i think it would be great for doing church interiors.  It would certainly give some interesting results.



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