Go Ahead, Make My Day


I absolutely love Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry series.  He is the kind of police officer that I would like in my city.  Taking out the trash!!

Anyhow, I digress.  Making someone’s day is always nice.  It not only makes you feel good, but it makes the other person feel good as well.  Though, it does not happen all that often.

Today, a complete stranger made my day.

Recently, I have joined up to a Fuji camera forum in order to learn a bit more about my Fuji cameras, from people who have owned the same models a little longer then me.

I have started to post some links to my blog so that I can share some of my photos with the community.  The last post that I linked, was my post about the Rideau Canal.  I received tons of “views” and one comment.  This comment made my day and here it is:

“Posted Today, 01:26 AM

Very good. Your church intrieors are very good imho. Very well taken with beautiful colours. I didn’t get to see all of your pictures (I did spend some time going through many of them though) You are very prolific that’s for sure…lol

Being a street photographer I like the ‘waiting’ picture. It is better cropped and could have been trimmed more imho.

Keep up the good work.”


I started this blog because I like to write and take photos.  Further, I wanted to have an easier way to share my photos with people.  Copying and pasting a link is so much easier!

I don’t take photos for anyone else.  I take photos because a scene catches my eye and I think it is worthy of preserving it with a photo.  I take photos because I love the art of photographing.

On the other hand, I like to share my photos with everyone, hence the blog.  Though, if no one else likes my photos but me, I can live with that.  This is why I was over the moon today when I received that comment on the Fuji forum.

I am no artist (atleast I don’t think so), but I will say this:  just like any artist, whether they be a painter, a photographer, a singer, an actor, a comedian, etc., the ultimate goal of their art is to please other people.  Comedians want to make people laugh, painters want to portray a scene that is pleasing to ones eye, singers want to make music that their fans will like, etc.

Am I thinking of other people when I take a photo?  Perhaps sub-consciously I am, I don’t know.  When I take a photo, I am looking at the scene and photographing it the way I want to look at it, the way I want to record it.  If that translates into people liking my photos, so be it and all the better.

Though, I must say, that I am very proud today to have received such a comment.  It makes me feel good about what I do.  It validates that I am not just taking a bunch of high megapixel junk.  It is nice to be recognized by your peers.  It’s nice to know that someone other then myself, likes my photos.

Moments like this make me want to go out and shoot even more.  It makes me want to think more about my photos and how I compose them.  This gets better every day.


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