Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, Ottawa, Ont.

The long weekend is not complete without a road trip.  Therefore, I packed up the wife and the little one into the car and headed down to Ottawa.

It takes about 2 hours to get there, if you are doing the speed limit.  Lucky for us, there was no traffic and it was easy sailing all the way to the parking lot in downtown Ottawa.




There seems to be a Notre Dame church in every city that I go to!  Though, I am not going to complain because each and every one of them are gorgeous.




All of these photos were taken with the X-E1.  I put the ISO on Auto 3200 and had the aperture at 2.8 – the F stop would get smaller as I zoomed the lens out a bit.  This set-up gave me a very nice shutter speed, along with the OIS, that would negate any camera shake.  I had a shutter speed anywhere from 1/20 to 1/30 for all these photos.  This tells me that I can most likely dial down the ISO a bit next time around.




For the really bright spots in the church, such as the stained-glass windows, i had to over-expose my photos to get the stained glass and it’s colors to “come out”.  I dialed in -2 and was able to get the stained glass very nicely and have it’s colors really come out.  I will post all the stained glass photos in another blog entry.





I shot my photos at a very good time: when there was no mass going on – obvious by looking at the photos.  I always advise people to not take photos during a mass.  I just think it is ignorant and very rude.





I love when the interior of a church has blue in it’s color palate.  It just brings everything out.



I am hoping to photograph more churches in Ottawa and of course, I will continue to do so here in Montreal.


Thanks for looking.

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5 thoughts on “Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, Ottawa, Ont.

    1. Thanks. Yes, they are all JPEGs. Did a bit of tweaking with the sharpness and straightened a few of them out. Processing RAF files is just not that convenient yet, lots of hoops to jump through. I am still exploring the best way to do it for me.


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