The X-E1 Does Plane Spotting


This was one of the last tests that I wanted to do with the X-E1: plane spotting.  The weather was calling for rain, but we chanced it and went up to the airport.


Many people on the interweb complain about the AF of the X-E1 and the fact that it is not necessarily built for sports.  Well, no, it is not a sports camera.  However, it is very capable of taking excellent photos of moving subjects.  The one thing you have to keep in mind, is not to treat it or think of it as a DSLR.


For these photos, I had the shutter speed a 1/1000, aperture at F/8 and the ISO at 800 to keep my shutter speed constant.  It was very overcast and there was a bit of fog/haze lingering around; therefore, making distant shots somewhat useless.


I turned off the picture preview.  When you have it on, you will see the preview in the EVF as well, which slows down snapping photos at a constant pace.  In my opinion, Fuji needs to take away this feature in the EVF.  Looking at your pictures on the back LCD is far more beneficial, rather then on a tiny EVF screen.


Since I only have the 18-55mm lens, I did need to crop the pictures after the fact.  I am looking forward to getting the 55-200mm when the time is right.  Fuji is also coming out with an XC lens that goes out to 230mm and I look forward to reading reviews about that lens when it comes out.  The XC line is a more “economical” line of lenses.  If they are more or less on par with the XF lenses, I am all for buying into them.



Shooting the X-E1 at this type of subject takes slightly more work than using a DSLR.  Though, the results are no different in terms of the photos I can capture.



All in all, I am extremely pleased with the results.  I could not have obtained anything better from my DSLR.  As I said before, i am looking forward to getting the 200mm or the 230mm, depending on cost/quality.



It was really nice to go back up to the airport and get some photos of the aircraft in action.  It was also nice to come back home without any pain in my neck from having a couple of pounds of hardware hanging around it.




2 thoughts on “The X-E1 Does Plane Spotting

    1. What I meant by this and perhaps I should change the wording, is that you should not pick-up the X-E1 and expect it to perform just like your Nikon DSLR did. The X-E1 is more of a “thinking” camera; which is to say, it is for someone who wants to think about his shot a bit more. Only my opinion. The X-E1 is obviously not a DSLR and should not be seen as one.


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