St. George’s Anglican Church, Montreal, Que.


This Anglican church sits in front of Windsor Station at the corner of Peel and De La Gauchetiere.  It is open daily (except Mondays) until mid-afternoon; therefore, you can go in and visit.  Please keep in mind:  if there is a service going on, please refrain from taking any photos.


This was the first real test of the X-E1 in a low light situation.  I put it on auto ISO in order for the DR to kick in.  The photos really do represent the level of lighting inside the church.

The wood really is that dark, so any light inside/coming inside, is not reflected off of it.  I walked in just as service was finishing, so i sat down and relaxed a bit and prayed.  I waited until everyone had left in order to have the inside space to myself.

I introduced myself to the Priest and told him what I was up to.  Below is a link from Wikipedia in order for you to learn a bit of history about this beautiful church:’s_Anglican_Church_(Montreal)



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