Massey Hall, Toronto, Ont.


Going towards the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto, I walked past this building: Massey Hall.  I really should have taken 4 portrait shots of the building from left to right, then stitched them together.  You have to think when taking photos, lol.

This building opened in 1894 and is now a Canadian National Historical Site.  It is still an active venue today for theatre and concerts.

If you are wondering who has appeared on stage inside, here are a few names you may recognize: Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, Pavarotti and Oscar Peterson to name a few.  Even Winston Churchill and the Dalai Lama have appeared on the stage at Massey Hall.  It was the site of the famous Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker concert of 1953.  Rush recorded their live album All The World’s A Stage here in 1976.  Last but not least, Ronnie Hawkins celebrated his 60th birthday here.

The facade of the building is Neoclassical and the interior was inspired by Louis Sullivan’s Chicago Auditorium & Opera House, as well as Alhambra Palace in Spain.


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