Some Quick Black & Whites Of Union Station, Toronto, Ont.


When I say quick, I mean quick.  We were just back from Niagara and decided to grab a bite to eat in Union Station before we headed off to the airport (YTZ).


Took these with the X10 since it is a bit easier to take out and start up.  Taken at ISO 800, 1/27 & F3.6.  I boosted the contrast a bit in NX2.


I’m really liking the effect B&W has on the mood on some photos.  It would have been nice to walk around more and really take the time to compose.

The nice thing was, is that no one seemed to care that a camera was pointed in their direction.  In addition to that, when you have the X10 in silent mode, you would not even know if i took a photo with the camera right next to your ear.  The X10 is certainly one of the ultimate street cameras.


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