Testing My X10 In Low Light Situations


The bigger the sensor, the better it performs in low light.  My X10 has what is called a 2/3 sensor.  If you want to compare that to what you have in your camera, look at this link:



A 2/3 sensor is tiny compared to a Nikon DX sensor or a standard sensor in a Canon DSLR.  It is even smaller than a full frame (35mm equiv.) sensor.  Therefore, one has to wonder how such a small sensor will perform in low light situations.


What better place to test my X10’s low light abilities, then inside St. Josephs Oratory.  So, off we went!


I had my camera at F2 and anywhere between ISO 320-800 (needed to get faster shutter speed) while i took these photos.  The cameras built in image stabilization really came in handy.  Looking at the photo info afterwards, i was down to 1/2 shutter speed in a few instances.


I must say, i am very pleased with the results.


The color rendition and the details in the photos are very good, better than what i expected from such a small sensor.  The sensor is a 12mp sensor, so you can easily print 8X11 prints with the files you get from the X10.


I am not a pixel peeper, so i am not going to comment on “noise”.  If you are a pixel peeper and are wondering what the noise is like with low light photos with the X10, you can always read the review that i had in my previous post.


Looking at the files like any normal person would, i don’t see any problems with them.


It is comforting to know that the X10 is very capable of handling low light situations.  This gives me more confidence in using it if i don’t want to lug around my DSLR.


Next test will be:  Panoramas.  The X10 does them by itself.



4 thoughts on “Testing My X10 In Low Light Situations

  1. These photos are awesome. I have been thinking of purchasing the X10 for some time now as an everyday camera. I am so glad to see your photos taken with the camera. This post might just be the nudge I need to get one.


    1. Hey there. Liked your flower shot by the way. Yes, it is an awesome camera. It’s kind of funny how many people I know in the “photography” world wants one of these cameras. I am not sure where you would get one brand-new, but you can always go for the X20, pretty much the same camera.


      1. I usually get my gear from B&H or from Vistek or Henry’s in Ottawa. I find their prices are a lot lower than what we get here in Montreal.

        I have to check on the X20, that’s $200 more. Haha.


        1. I use B&H and Henry’s as well. Hope to visit their store in Toronto when I go in a weeks time. The store I have used the most here in Montreal, is SimonsCameras. Just checked Henrys and the X20 is only $50 more than the X10.


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