Second Attempt With HDR

This is my second attempt at doing HDR.  These are actually my second and third photos.  Both photos consist of 5 different exposures, were taken at F16, ISO 100 and with my Tamron 10-24mm.

As you can see, there is a big watermark across the picture.  That is because i am using the trial version of Fhotoroom.  I have been testing out various HDR software over the past day or so and found that Fhotoroom suited my needs so far.

I tried Luminance, but for some reason, i was not able to load up a third RAW file – perhaps something to do with my laptop, i really need a new one.

I also tried Picturenaut, but i just did not like it.  Lastly, i tried Photomatix, which is a great software; however, if you are using the trial version, it leaves multiple watermarks over your photo.

(The first photo, I don’t think i got the focus dead on.  I should have taken more time with this one.)


As i have stated in the past, i feel that if someone knows your photo is HDR, then you have done it wrong.  Further, i stated that HDR is really for low light or difficult lighting situations.  When i went out last night to take these photos, i was in neither lighting condition.  I could have simply taken a long exposure and be done with it.

My second photo looks “over cooked”.  As i stated above, the lighting was still very good at the time i took my exposures.  If i was to just leave the blended exposures at a “normal” level, no one would really know that it was HDR, which would be the perfect outcome.  However, i really wanted to see what the software could do.

Despite it looking “over cooked”, i do kind of like the effect.  I am thinking that i will re-do this one at night and really put the HDR software to work to achieve something more appropriate.


I wanted to include a bit of an edited version of the above photo.  I wanted to boost the colors a tad and bring out the green in the trees and grass.  I also did a slight crop.


I am not the authority on HDR, put i feel that there is a time and a place to apply it.  In my opinion, i don’t see much point in doing HDR with photos that were taken in broad daylight.  If you have some shadows in your photos, you can lighten them up in PP or you can use fill flash to lighten them up or get rid of them.

HDR is really for those low light situations or difficult lighting scenes.  Other than that, it is a fun way to get some cool effects with your photos, like my photo above.  I am certainly going to keep experimenting with this software and all the different effects it can give me.


Please share your thoughts

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