One of the things that I hate the most when I look around my city, is graffiti.  I find it disgusting to see spray paint all over someone’s fence, garage door, side of the building, etc.  It’s pure vandalism and I don’t understand the point of it.  It’s hardly artistic and it means nothing to the general populace.


On the other hand, there is a kind of graffiti that I really do like (look at photos).  Unlike the disgusting “tagging” that I see all over the place, these wall murals that are cropping up all over Montreal are just beautiful!


If you really want to capture lots of color and put your cameras sensor to the test, go out and find these wall murals in your city.


If I were you, I would put your picture control on vivid and bump up the saturation a bit.  Also, try to go out on a sunny day.  This way, you will really capture the colors and make them pop in your photos.


These photos, except for the one of the Metro mural, were all taken from two buildings on the same block.  The murals themselves, represent the type of business that each building houses.  A bakery and a garage (body shop).



There are so many more murals like this in Montreal.  I find it such a joy to take pictures of them because they are so colorful and artistic.  I just can’t imagine doing something like this with a can of spray paint.  Definitely takes talent.


I am happy to see that these murals are left untouched by the morons who decide to tag everything in site.  I suppose that even they have some measure of respect for real art.



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