Montreal From a Different Perspective


While in Parc Jean Drapeau yesterday, we ended up at the ferry dock.  The ferry starts off at the Jacques Cartier pier, comes to Ile Sainte Helene, then goes off to Longeuil.  If you want to take this ferry, it is $7.50 a head.  The metro is $3.00.  Therefore, it all depends on whether or not you want to have a boat ride or not.


The ferry dock really offers a nice view of Montreal across the river.  If you were ever wanting to to some sunsets, this would be the spot to do them.  It really is an unobstructed view of the whole downtown area.


I shot all of these with my Tamron 10-24mm at F16 and ISO 100.  Shutter speed was fast enough that i did not need to mount my camera on a tripod.


I really like the wispy clouds in the sky and how blue the sky was.  It’s a nice contrast to the water.



Below, you can see the Molson brewery and the CBC building to the left.





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