Complexe Desjardins, Montreal, Que.


Today, i made my way down to Place des Arts to check out what was going on with the Just For Laughs festival.  As with the Jazz fest, most of the action in the Just For Laughs happens in the evening.


I did get to see Victor’s car, the big green Cadillac.  Victor is the festivals mascot.  He is a little green guy with red horns.


Since there was not much going on outside, I made my way inside to get out to the heat for a while.  Complexe Desjardins is right across from Place des Arts and houses various government offices, the Caisse Populaire, has a mall and features a food court as well.


Since this complex is a stones throw away from Chinatown, you are going to see many Chinese people walking through the food court, as well as playing Mahjong at the tables.


This complex is also attached the the “underground city”.  You can go from here, to Place des Arts and to Complexe Guy Favreau, without going outside.  Once you get to Place des Arts, you can get onto the Green line of the Metro.


There is also a Hyatt hotel attached to the complex, which is nice for hotel guests.  If it is terrible weather outside, they don’t have to go far to do some shopping and they can even go to the IGA grocery store located in the complex.


It is certainly worth visiting this complex, which you can get to with the Metro without stepping outside, for it really is what it was intended to be: a jewel in the crown of the East end of Montreal.


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