The Old Montreal Forum

Ahhhhh, the old Montreal Forum. I remember the days when this area of Montreal was a nice area to go to. You had all sorts of businesses thriving because of the fact that the Forum was there and hockey was being played.
As with any NHL arena, there is more than just hockey being played inside. You have Disney on Ice, music concerts, etc. making the arena their venue for a couple of nights.
Fast forward to today, the area is run down, most businesses have closed down or moved and the old Forum hosts a mix of businesses, including a movie theatre. However, two large restaurants have already moved out and the Future Shop has recently closed it’s doors as well.
If you walk east on St. Catherines, you will notice that there are many empty buildings along the way (the Omers des Serres is no longer open) and things only really get better once you hit Guy street.
Perhaps one of these days, the area will come back to life. Anyhow, this is what the old Forum looks like inside now.

Old montreal forum

old montreal forum

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