Disney On Ice

My wife and I have taken our daughter to Disney On Ice quite a few times. The last couple of times, it has only been my wife because I can not sit in the cramped arena seats.


Be warned: whatever you buy at these events will set you back more than you would expect. Thanks Disney. The mark-up on the made in China toys must be astronomical!


The nice thing about Disney On Ice, is that they actually invite you to take pictures in order to have a memory of the event.


For an amateur photographer, taking photos in this kind of lighting is a bit challenging. Not only that, but you have moving subjects. I took these photos with my D3000 and the 55-200mm. Back then, I had my camera in Auto.


Even though I had my camera in Auto, it was still challenging for me because it was the first time I had taken photos in this type of lighting.


When I brought them up on my computer, I was very impressed at what an entry level DLSR could do, with a cheap, consumer telephoto. All the colors are right and except for a handful of photos, most were sharp.


I will have to look at the original files for the EXIF data, because I am just curious as to what the setting were.


This was a great moment of learning for me. I had never shot in these conditions before, but I did not hesitate and put my camera to work.


This is what you have to do. Don’t be scared of a situation just because you may not have shot in certain lighting condition. Get out there and try, put your camera to work and let it do what you paid for. If you don’t try, you will never know.


Shooting in all types of conditions will make you a well rounded photographer. You probably will not master everything, but at least you can say you have done it and know the basics.



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