A taste of Toronto, Ont.

These photos were from last year, in July. I have been to Toronto a few times and I always remember something about the trip. This time around, the one thing that I remembered was the heat! It was so damn hot when I was there last July.


Now that I look at these photos, I definitely want to go back and do a complete re-shoot. The haze or smog lingering over the city did not help either.


Toronto is the largest city in Canada and for various reasons, is hated by many. No need to get into why many people hate it, it is irrelevant to my post. It’s a great city to go and visit and there are plenty of things to do and visit.


To get to Toronto, you can go by rail, car, bus or fly. Flying in is great, because you can fly into Billy Bishop City Island Airport. From the airport, you take a very short ferry ride to the mainland and from there, take taxi right into downtown. Far more convenient than flying into Pearson, if you can avoid it.


The most popular destination in Toronto for anyone visiting, is of course the CN Tower. If you go in peak tourist season, get ready to wait a few hours in line to go up. Once you are up there, it is a spectacular view. There is a glass floor and you are able to see the Skydome through it. You can walk on the glass floor and as many people do, lay down on it and have your photo taken. But please, don’t be a nimrod and jump up and down on it!


Another attraction in the downtown area, is the Skydome. During the summer months, you can go and watch a ball game or you can just take in the grandeur of this structure. From there, you can go to the train museum across the street, as well as to the water front just a few minutes walk further south.


There are plenty of good hotels in the downtown area to stay at and you can walk to many of the attractions. If you really want to experience the Toronto transit system, you can buy day passes for a family. When I was there, they were doing a lot of construction on the subway system, which made it that more confusing for someone who has never used it much before.


You have to experience the trollies. Montreal used to have trollies eons ago and there was talk about bringing them back; though, I doubt this will happen anytime soon. Taking a trolley car really brings you back in time, to when public transit started. If you want a quick history lesson on them, here you go:


There are plenty of photo opportunities in Toronto and you don’t have to look far for them. As I said before, I feel I need to do a re-shoot of Toronto one day.


These are just a few of the photos I took. But, looking back on all of them, I would say that only a hand full are ones that I would consider decent. The rest are your typical “vacation shots”.


It’s a good thing that I was not in some far flung place, because I would then be kicking myself. Toronto is easy to get to and not expensive to get to. Asia is a different story.


If you have the ability to shoot RAW when you are on vacation, do so! You will not regret it. What you will regret, is taking a bunch of JPEGs that may be over or under exposed, to many highlights, etc. Why risk it? Just shoot in RAW, because you may not be able to go back to your destination.


When I last went to Toronto, I walked around with two cameras. Big mistake! Don’t do this. Take one camera and a selection of lenses. A lens like the 18-105 would be great and if you want, you can take something with more focal range. Better yet, plan on what you want to shoot.


Google Toronto and see what comes up in the images section. It will give you a decent idea of what there is to take photos of. If you really want to lug around all your lenses, more power to you. But I still suggest that you try to keep it light.


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