Your camera: A personal choice

Your camera: A personal choice

Life is filled with personal choices, choices that are everlasting and have impact on ones life. From the clothes that you wear, to the music that you listen to, it all comes down to you having made a personal choice.
Those choices are a result of who we are, our personalities. During the process of making a choice, we may ask for advice. However, if we let other people influence us to the degree that that person ends up making the choice for us, it is obviously no longer a personal choice.
Cameras are a personal choice. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. The camera that you end up getting, will to some degree show who you are, your personality.
I have not really analyzed how the D7100 reflects my personality, but i can say a few things: i like quality, top of the line products. The D7100 is the top of the line DX camera for Nikon – for now. Nikon is a quality brand. The camera has many abilities, is a workhorse and can take punishment. These attributes also reflect who i am. A P&S just would not suit me, it is far to simple, to basic. I am neither of those things.
I have purchased 4 Nikon DSLRs in my life and each and every one of them, was purchased with extensive research before-hand. But first, i had to research all the different types of cameras first. Did i really need a DSLR? Or could i have been satisfied with a bridge camera? Or, perhaps a mirrorless system?
Personally, i don’t much like dinky little things in my hands. I like to feel something that fills my grip; therefore, any sort of P&S was out of the question. I like something that is versatile and can adapt to different situations fast, so a bridge camera really was not the answer.
I ended up looking at DSLRs and the brand that appealed to me the most, was Nikon. I prefer the look of Nikon because it it less rounded than a Canon. I just find Canon to “soft” looking, not aggressive enough. This is a reflection of my personality. I’m not a soft person.
My purchase of a Nikon DSLR was based on research, what appealed to me (what reflected my personality) and what i thought was top quality product.
Only if everyone could make their own decisions.
I used to be able to put up with, but i can’t anymore. I can not put up with people who come on forums and ask which camera they should get. It’s not so much the fact that they are asking for some advice, but it is the fact that many of these people are looking for some sort of justification or permission or validation to get the camera. Seriously??
Most of these people are supposed grown men!! These guys have full time jobs and families. Why on earth do they need to ask permission from total strangers? Don’t get me wrong, these guys are not outright asking, “can i buy this?”, but you only have to read between the lines and you can see that they are looking for their “peers” to say, “yeah, you should go and buy that. You are making a good decision!”.
They then get that warm, fuzzy feeling and tell themselves that they have been approved to go ahead and buy a new camera, just because a bunch of strangers said it was a good move.
When i bought my D7100, i went out and bought the damn thing! I did not go on some forum and ask, “Oh, should i buy this? What do you guys think?”. I bought it based on what i researched and what i wanted.
If anyone takes offence at this, sorry. I just don’t get the whole “go-on-a-forum-and-ask-if-i-should-buy-this” movement. If people feel a need to do this, it makes me wonder how they get through a regular day without going on a forum and asking, “should i get a cafe latte or just a regular?”.
We are all adults and we should all be able to make our own decisions, based on research and what best reflects our own personality.
Choose a camera that best reflects your personality, for it is a very personal item. If you want a red camera, get a red camera. Don’t let the stick-in-the-muds tell you, “Red?? Oh my God, cameras should not be red! Black is the only color a DSLR should be in and i would not be caught dead with a red camera!”
That is their own personal choice, don’t let it influence what you really want. Does the color of the camera really matter? NO. It will function the same as the black one.
Some people out there need to stop taking baths in starch, for they are a bit stiff. They seem to think that all cameras should be DSLRs and black. Anything outside of this very small box scares them and somehow gets them thinking that anything other than a black DSLR, is going to somehow hamper a persons progression in photography.
Thinking outside of the box is part of photography. You also have to think outside of the box when choosing a camera. You can’t just relegate yourself to the black DSLR.
Open your mind a bit, think out of the box and get a camera that suits your personality. It’s a personal choice.


8 thoughts on “Your camera: A personal choice

      1. Truth is, I’ve always been a canon fan, even back when all I had as a P&S. I find I am more comfortable with the way the controls on the Canons are laid out, and I find the lens choices are a little cheaper than the Nikon, although I have to say I own a couple of third party lenses which I assume would be priced at the same level as the Nikon-mount ones.


        1. Very well 😉 I own two Tamron lenses and I am very pleased with them. The 10-24mm I have is a Tamron is 300-400 dollars less than the Nikon equivalent. Optically, the Nikon is better. But, you would have to seriously pixel peep to notice.


          1. Same here, I own the Tamron 90mm macro, and the 24-70mm f/2.8 which is almost a thousand dollar cheaper than the Canon (non-IS) equivalent. I love both my Tamrons, the quality of the optics are really awesome.


            1. I am jealous now. The 90mm is next on my hit list. I have heard nothing but good things about the 24-70. Yes, the optics are great on the Tamrons. My 70-300 USD VC is right on par with Nikons offering, but only slightly cheaper.


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