Mirrorless camera?

Mirroless camera?

***As an update to this post, I have gone ahead and dumped Nikon for a Fuji X camera.***

Well, I am really intrigued now. I have not really paid much attention to this segment of the industry, especially since Nikon just keeps coming up short. Don’t get me wrong, their Nikon 1 cameras are okay, but they are certainly nothing to write home about. When you start to consider offerings from other companies, such as Olympus and Fuji, you tend to just forget about Nikon and get pulled towards those other offerings.
So, what has gotten me intrigued? Fuji’s XM-1. They are about to go on sale in the next few days and it is a really attractive little camera. I have looked at the specs and they seem decent enough, but nothing compared to my D7100. But let’s not compare apples and oranges here.
I suppose it is the vintage look of the camera that attracts me and hey, I can’t afford a Leica! The compact size is also very attractive and this would make a great go-anywhere camera. What turns me off?? The price of the lenses!!!
I’m sorry Fuji, but to charge $700 for a 55-200 3.5-4.8 lens is just robbery! Bring that price tag down to around $300 and we will talk. I had the Nikon 55-200 VR that costs around $280 and I can not see the Fuji lens outperforming it to the point of Fuji charging $400 more. Craziness.
As much as the Fuji intrigues me, I don’t think I will be pulling out the wallet anytime soon. To have to invest in new lenses that will only work on one camera, is not all that appealing to me at the moment. That is why I keep waiting for Nikon to do something.
As stated before, Nikon’s 1 system is okay at best. The only wow factor for me, is the fact that I would be able to use all my current Nikon lenses on it. But, in all seriousness, when you compare the Nikon 1 to other systems, you really have to wonder what Nikon was thinking when they brought this to market. Just compare the J3 with the Canon EOS M:

It makes me real sad. Nikon, that is really pitiful performance!

Let’s see how it measures up against a Sony Nex5R:

I am crying even harder now!

I really do hope that Nikon wakes up one day and does this mirorrless thing right. In my opinion, they seem to be a bit misguided.
They just brought out the Coolpix A, which is the smallest camera with an APS-C sensor, but it is not an interchangeable lens system. What?? Nikon spent time and effort on a Coolpix camera with an APS-C sensor in it, but they are still plodding along with the silly little CX sensor in the Nikon 1 system.
In my opinion, Nikon should do away with that silly little CX sensor, for it is the downfall of the Nikon 1 system. Forget about getting the smallest APS-C camera to market, work on a real mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor in it! Design a mirroless camera around the 16mp sensor that I had in my D5100. Even a four thirds sensor would do much better than the CX.
I would really love to get into mirrorless one day, but not with Nikon and their offerings as they stand now. Nikon seems to be shy when it comes to mirrorless camera systems, for they have brought a 10 pound weakling to a heavyweight fight. They are also perhaps a little apprehensive in bringing out a camera system that would rival their bread and butter line-up of DSLRs.
Perhaps when my D80 dies on me, I just might think of going mirrorless. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be going with Nikon, which is a shame and is a result of Nikon not showing up to the game.


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